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Personal Well-Being
Home Maintenance
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With one phone call, members have access to the resources they need to help stay living in the home they love. Our services are coordinated by the office and delivered by our many volunteers. The capacity of LLH volunteers is unmatched and is the core of our success.  When a request is made we reach out to our volunteers for their availability and skills to try to meet our members needs.  

Volunteers provide services in these areas:

Home Maintenance

Our members have access to volunteer provided services for help around the house. We are ready to help.


We are committed to fulfilling the transportation needs of our members.  Volunteer drivers provide personal, one-on-one transportation service.

Personal Well-Being

We are ready to help. Services are personally crafted to respond to specific needs of our members. As needs arise we are ready to help. 

At LLH we have a wide range of services.  Life can throw us twists and turns and we are committed to helping where we can. If we cannot, we will refer you to member suggested providers.

What our volunteers say:

LLH volunteers are neighbors helping neighbors. Volunteers find true reward in providing a valuable service in support of our community. In fact, studies show volunteers lead happier lives simply because they volunteer. 

LLH volunteers give as much time as they wish according to a schedule that suits them. Volunteers do not have to be members and members do not have to volunteer. All ages and abilities are welcome.

What our members say about us:

“I am thrilled to be a charter member of Love Living at Home, which is living up to all my expectations. I recouped the first year’s dues in services when one volunteer replaced a light switch and repaired a fireplace. Another spread bark chips on an overgrown path, and another picked up a prescription when I could not. I’ve tried to give back in little ways, such as taking on a one-year job of sending birthday cards to members each month. It is this mutual give-and-take which is enabling the organization to thrive in such magnificent fashion. Long live LLH!”
— Anne Rodda

“Love Living at Home has provided me with many opportunities to expand my social circle by attending various LLH programs as well as by being a member of an LLH committee. I am glad to be part of an organization that supports older adults in this community, giving me an opportunity to give back as well as personally benefit.”
— Ed Dubovi

“Love Living at Home will provide practical solutions to everyday problems. As a physician practicing in the community, I see the need for this among my older patients who live at home; and I look forward to working with LLH as they move forward.”
— Ann Costello, MD