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LLH provides a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for those in our community who are willing to share their time and expertise.  LLH volunteers give as much time as they wish according to a schedule that suits them.  Volunteers do not have to be members and members do not have to volunteer.  All ages and abilities are welcome.  We find that those who choose to volunteer, find it highly rewarding.  Through the volunteer experience, we are fostering a Caring – Connected – Community.


Volunteer Opportunities Include:

Direct Service Volunteers

Administrative and Office Volunteers

Committee Members

Task Force Members



Direct Service Volunteers:

With one phone call, members have access to the resources they need to help stay living in the home they love.  Our services are coordinated by the office and delivered by our many volunteers.  The capacity of LLH volunteers is unmatched and is the core of our success.  When a request is made we reach out to our volunteers for their availability and skills to try to meet our members’ needs.


Direct Service Volunteers provide a wide variety of services to LLH members in these general areas:  Home Maintenance, Transportation and Personal Well-Being.  To see a list of the services that have been provided to LLH members in recent years, Services We Offer.


Administrative/Office Volunteers:

Help out in the office:  Administrative assistance, technical support, mailings, and much more as needs arise.



Join a committee!  LLH committees are at the heart of all we do and all that we accomplish.  Not to mention these active, hands-on committees are a way to meet new people with similar interests and they are fun:  Programs & Membership, Communication & Marketing, Development, Finance and Operations. 


Task Forces:

If you like to work on a project that has a beginning, middle and end, an LLH task force may be the perfect opportunity.  LLH Task Forces help us to do things that we otherwise would not be able to accomplish.  Some of the things we have done in the past are:  LLH Video, LLH Annual Meeting, Special gatherings to bring board and committee members together for fun and to discuss important topics, Fundraising Task Forces that organize an annual dinner dance, as well as other fundraising opportunities. 


To become an LLH Volunteer or to discuss the many volunteer opportunities:

  • Call the office at 607-319-0162.Our staff is happy to answer any questions or make recommendations that would fit your interest and availability.
  • Complete the Volunteer Application – Log onto and click on “Volunteer”.The application can be completed online.


What our members say about us:

Oh it is a wonderful thing!  Just knowing there are people out there right now who are willing to step up and help gives an emotional support that can't be described in words.  I don't drive and it is just wonderful to be able to be driven to the grocery store and not have to just get a few things at a time to carry home via the bus, I can really load up and even get bags of cat litter! 
— Anonymous

I am a person who has always embraced my independence.  It was difficult for me .... thankfully, I came to the place where I realized that asking for help is not a weakness.  I have come to enjoy the community, friendships, and helpers facilitated by LLH.  I don't have to figure out how to meet all my needs alone anymore!  I have a community.  Knowing that no matter what challenges I may face...LLH is there to walk through them with me.  Making new friendsMeeting my transportation needs.  I feel that LLH staff, volunteers, and members are my friends. I need to be in relationship with others as I age.  I am looking forward to the day that we can all be together face to face again!

— Anonymous

“Love Living at Home will provide practical solutions to everyday problems. As a physician practicing in the community, I see the need for this among my older patients who live at home; and I look forward to working with LLH as they move forward.”
— Ann Costello, MD

"This year, Love Living at Home has mainly impacted my life as an emotional support.  It helps me just to know it's there and to know that there is someone I can call if I need some kind of help.  It also makes me feel that I am part of something even if I'm not participating directly.  (I appreciate the newsletters very much!)"